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Reval Bikini Fitness Team

Bikini fitness training group is aimed to reach the competitions and bringing "the best version of itself" to the fitness stage.

Järgnevad treeningud

Have you dreamed of getting the form you see on the stages? If yes, then this is the option for you.

Reval Sport launches a bikini fitness training group aimed at reach the competitions and bringing “the best version of itself” to the stage in the spring of 2019.

The coach is right next to you throughout the process from preparation to the competition day, and co-ordinating your diet and trainings according to the post-race period. The coach will advise you mentally and physically during the season and season to ensure the best co-operation and results.

Team membership includes:

Form observation, measurement, photos.

Mapping the starting point, placing the training plans

Nutrition lectures – How to eat during the competition and during the preparatory period, and how to quit the competition diet when the season ends

Training plans

  • Training sessions 2 times a week under the guidance of a trainer (Wed​​17.00-18.00 and Fri 18.00-19.00)
  • Form observations and interim summaries
  • Posing hours (Time by agreement)
  • For competition: Hairstyle, make-up, bikini, jewelry, shoes, license applications, etc.
  • Discount offers from cooperation partners
  • At the end of the season, nutritional advise will be given (how to get out of the competetion diet)
  • Summary of competitions and setting new goals
  • Events and workshops ( for additional cost)

Reval Bikini Fitness Team monthly membership fee 90 € *

* The price does not include entrance to the club. You can see the price list HERE.

Coach is the young and enthusiastic Liina Laur

To apply, please send your application with a brief introduction to



Liina Laur

+372 56985444