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Water aerobics for pregnant women

Moving in the water reminds you of being weightlessness, where the spine is not under pressure and you can direct all the energy to the muscle tone. So you can feel comfortable and safely upgrade your fitness level to a new on before childbirth.

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When waiting for the baby, your body needs to carry many extra kilos every day, which can be very stressful. Water aerobics is a good way to relieve muscle tensions and to achieve better tone.


Recommendations for a water aerobics for babywaiting mothers:


Perform exercises calmly and softly. Avoid sudden movements and use of force during exercises;

Perform movements with normal range and avoid overstreching;

During exercise, breath peacefully and don`t hold your breath;

Avoid the positions that push the stomach;

Keep from jumping into the water, rather use ladder;

Try to avoid holding your breath, excessive tension and sudden moves during the training;

Drink plenty of water before and after workout, and preferably during your workout.

For water aerobics, we recommend using water sports shoes to keep better balance and avoid slipping.


If you feel bad (nausea, headache, cold), then tell the trainer and finish the training immediately.


Begin the workout calmly – Your level of working out during pregnancy is not what it was before. Do exercises rather 3-4 times a week and calmly, if 1x and intensively.



Unstable blood pressure;

Bad feeling, nausea;


Preterm delivery risk;

Different heart problems / diseases.

Trainings: Mon, Wed at 12.15


You can park free of charge in the Reval-Sport courtyard with your water-aerobics package.