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Striding® is a very effective fat burning training. Striding, or hiking on the treadmill is a new and fresh concept for group training. There is no need to use electric energy to start a treadmill; it is sufficient to use person's own energy.

  • Duration
    55', 60'
  • Trainings
    8x week

Striding® is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and physical fitness.

Always dress in accordance with the training’s content: wear comfortable, athletic clothing and appropriate footwear (the most suitable are running shoes)

  • The duration of the training is 55 or 60 minutes.
  • As an innovative training system, Striding strengthens all muscle groups. Walking on the treadmill forces the body to adapt to different training strains. We adjust the strain by changing the speed and the slope of the treadmill. Studies have shown that a fixed slope is the most appropriate to train the formation of a good cluster. The treadmill also gives a softer position to the feet. Music is always part of Striding.
  • Striding® is for people of all ages and at different levels of trainings. The training is suitable for both men and women.
  • Striding gives the strain to the whole body. In particular, you train your legs, buttocks, back muscles, and your overall physical strength will also improve. Striding develops your activity by providing an innovative, fun and effective workout.

If you are not yet a member of the club, then you can register for the group training on phone 6412068. Click  HERE to know the timetable.


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