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Fitness test

Fitness test shows your overall physical fitness and state of health. You can also decide what kind of load you can train with and which training styles are best for you.

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What is Fitness test?

Fitness test shows your overall physical fitness and state of health. You can also decide what kind of load you can train with and which training styles are best for you. Fitness test you can buy here.

What does the fitness test contain?

Before the test:

  • Please come to the test in right time, so that we can start it at the agreed time;
  • Take it easy, because rush and to be nervous before the test affects the results;
  • If you have been ill, you should postpone the thest at least for a week
  • A test carried out on a disease or on a disease does not reflect your state of health faithfully, and these recommendations point out inaccurate;
  • If you wish to cancel the agreed test time, please indicate it no later than the day before the test by calling to +372 641 2068;

We recommend leaving at least a daily break in the workouts before performing the test to restore the body’s nominal strength;

  • Do not eat up to one and a half hours before the test;
  • You should not smoke or drink alcohol before the test;
  • Get fitting athletic shoes – testing on a veloergometer;
  • Clothing should be athletic

Please inform the tester beforehand if you have a pacemaker, suffer from heart or lung disease, or if you are taking any medication. If you find that the tester should know something else about your state of health, be sure to give a notice;

If you have any questions about the test, please feel free to write it before the test starts.

Data and measurements:

Give your name and surname and date of birth to the tester;

It would be good if you knew your body length and weight;

During the test, we measure your blood pressure and calculate fat percentage from body weight. The results are a deviation from the normal values.


  • Before the test, you will be reassembling your chest heart rate sensor, which should contact the skin. Please select the appropriate clothing to fit this sensor;
  • During the test, you will have to train with an increasing load of veloergometer. If you feel bad during the test, feel pain, do not tolerate increased stress, or if you simply want to interrupt the test, give it an instant note to the test taker;
  • It is not advisable to talk during the test because it disturbs the rhythm of the breath and affects the test results through heart rate;
  • When testing, please keep the cranking frequency higher than 60 rotates per minute. Excessive cranking at frequencies below 60 rotates per minute is too tiring and the test is interrupted;
  • The test does not have a predetermined duration, it is terminated when you reach 85% of the maximum heart rate;
  • At the end of the test, cranking should not be interrupted in any way – the tester reduces the load and you can choose the appropriate rotates for you;
  • During the recovery period, we will announce the results of the test and recommendations for future training.

If you have booked your time as a member of the club  and do not appear for a paid test, you must pay a test fee of 50% of the amount.

PRICE: 20€

You can only book a fitness test through a support trainer, for which you must first join the Reval-Sport club

For more information call +372 641 2068 or


Elen Kaldma

+372 56631373

Fjodor Dunik

+372 56563376

Kadi Hunt

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Siim Kelner

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