Sports club is OPEN every day 6 AM to 11 PM and water center 6 AM to 10 PM.


Everyone finds something suitable from Reval-Sport Spa. Sports enthusiasts can swim in our 25m pool. For children, pools with three different depths are open. Warm water jacuzzies and hot saunas are available for relaxation

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    Swimming pools

    In the Reval-Sport Spa, everybody will find something suitable.

    Spa is divided into two parts: the sports and other for relaxation.

    • In the sports section, you will find four swimming pools where you can take a part in various trainings from early ages to adults.
    • In the two lane 25 meter swimming pool water aerobics classes and swimming trainings for adults take place.
    • In the Libero baby pool take place swimming classes for babies from three months. Parents have a good chance to spend some quality time with their sweet ones.
    • In the children pool kids can enjoy the water and have fun.
    • Sport swimming pool is for trainings for children aged 4-11 years. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, your child learns to swim.


    Is it cold or warm outside, the two different outdoor pools are open for enjoyment.



    Ühekordne 2 tunni pääse12€18€
    Ühekordne limiteerimata pääse14€20€
    Ühekordne limiteerimata pääse lastele 6-14.a.7€10€
    Ühekordne varahommikune 2 tunni pääse (6:00-9:00)7€ –
    Ühekordne limiteerimata perepääse (2 täiskasvanut+ 3 last kuni 14.a.)35€55€
    Seeniorite ühekordne 2 tunni pääse8€18€
    Seeniorite ühekordne limiteerimata pääse10€20€
    Ühekordne limiteerimata pääse kuni 5 aastatele lastele1€2€