Sports club is OPEN every day 6 AM to 11 PM and water center 6 AM to 10 PM.


Everyone finds something suitable from Reval-Sport Spa. Sports enthusiasts can swim in our 25m pool. For children, pools with three different depths are open. Warm water jacuzzies and hot saunas are available for relaxation

Järgnevad treeningud


    The hot saunas and warm water pools of our spa make your day sunny and pleasant. You can relax, forgetting about all your worries. And if feeling hungry, we have a great menu at our bar. Plenty of different tasty dishes and refreshing drinks are available.

    Relaxing zone with 5 saunas and 6 free-time pools is suitable for kids and for adults. After hot sauna you can jump into cold water pool or visit two out-door pools.

    Finnish saunaMon-Fri 17.00-22.00; Sat-Sun 8.00-22.00
    Dressing room saunas
    • WOMEN Mon-Fri 8.00-21.30
    • MEN Mon-Fri 7.30-21.30
    • Sat-Sun works only water center saunas.
    Steamed saunaMon-Fri 8.00-12.30 and 17:00-22.00; Sat-Sun 8.00-22.00
    Salt saunaMon-Sun 8.00-22.00
    Wood heated saunaWed, Thur, Fri 17:00-22:00; Sat-Sun 12:00-22:00
    SanariumMon, Tue, Thu 17.00-21.00; Wed, Fri 8.00-11.30 and 17.00-21.00; Sat-Sun 10.00-20.00
    Infrared saunaMon-Fri 8.00-12.30 and 17.00-21.30; Sat-Sun 11.00-20.00
    Japanese saunaMon-Fri 6.00-22.00

    *Wood heated sauna is working from 18th of September 2023.


    • Finnish sauna;
    • Steam sauna;
    • Salt sauna;
    • Wood heated sauna;
    • Japanese sauna;
    • Infrared sauna.

    For relaxation:

    • counterflow falls
    • underwater water massage
    • massage chairs
    • hot and cold water pools.

    Come and spend a great day with your family!

    Wood heated sauna is open (it is closed during summer)