Sport club is opened every day 6.00-24.00 and water center 6.00-22.00

Sport Club

From the largest sports club in Tallinn, Reval-Sport, you can find modern training machines, spacious rooms and the best coaches in town! Your health is important to us!


Not all the achievements are born in the gym or cardio hall. Reval-Sport supports and helps to develop different sports. We focus on betters results in :

  • Bodybuilding and fitness;
  • Power lifting;
  • Handball;
  • Chess;
  • Swimming
    Trainings take place at Reval-Sport, Aia 20, Tallinn
    Coach Anna Zubel
    Preparational level :
    Mon 16.45-17.45; Tue 15.00-16.00; Thu 15.00-16.00
    Mon 15.15-16.15; Wed 15.15-16.15; Fri
    mon 14.15-15.15; Tue 16.00-17.00;  Wed 14.15-15.15