Sports club is OPEN every day 6 AM to 11 PM and water center 6 AM to 10 PM.

Swimming courses for children

  • For beginners
    and advanced swimmers
Järgnevad treeningud

Registration for the season 2020/21 has started

We are kindly welcoming your children to participate our swimming courses in Reval-Sport’s Water park.

Courses are conducted by: Anna Zubel, Anastassia , Nikita Tšerednitšenko

Coaches speak in Estonian and Russian.

  • Swimming course’s goals for beginners are: Face under water, head under water, bottom diving, floating under the water, floating on the water, balance, jumping in the water.
  • Swimming course’s goals for advanced swimmers are: Sliding under the water, sliding on the water, moving forward using hands and feet together, sliding on your back, pushing from the wall, crawl stroke, swimming on your back.
Registration starts in few days and the form will appear on this page. If you would like to be notified about the start of registration, please fill out the form below and we will contact you personally.

PS, We are providing a place for all pre-registered students!


Groups for season 2020/2021 are:

Membership fees for season 2020/2021 are:

Seasonal swimming course 2 times a week (September-May) 49€/month
Seasonal swimming course 2 times a week for children who have attended courses in the previous season 47€/month
Seasonal swimming course 1 time a week (September-May) 34€/month
Joining fee (payed once) 7€


  • Trainings do not take place on national holidays! Trainings are taking place during school holidays (21.12.2020-03.01.2021).
  • Courses take place during nine-month season from September to May. Membership fees are for one student per month and are established by taking into account sport support from Tallinn’s city government, school holidays and national holidays.
  • Monthly payments due date will be written in the contract.
  • Contract can be terminated with 2 months’ notice.
  • No netting due to illness.
  • Reval-Sport sports club holds a training license. According to that you are entitled for a tax credit.

Use your time wisely! While your child is swimming, you are welcome to train in our gym, water park or taking part in our group trainings.


Child (fixed group 2 times a week) + parent’s monthly card (2 hour training time)85€
Child (fixed group 1 time a week) + parent’s monthly card (2 hour training time)72€
Child (fixed group 2 times a week) + 2 parent’s monthly card (2 hour training time)119€
Child (fixed group 1 time a week) + 2 parent’s monthly card (2 hour training time)99€


Monthly card for parents provides the opportunity to take part in all group trainings, use gym and water park every day with a 2-hour training time.

Parents monthly card can be purchased only from 2.09 to 30.09.2019 on the spot. Free parking on our sports club parking lots will be assured only with child + parent package. Parking with child’s swimming course membership only is for additional fee. Sample contract can be found HERE