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Yoga in the sauna

Yoga in the sauna contains 5-7 yoga exercise. The exercises are done in sauna from 45°C to 55°C heat.

  • Duration
    30 minutes

Mida sisaldab jooga saunas


  • Yoga in the sauna lasts 30 minutit.
  • the pleasant heat of the sauna has an immediate effect and helps to make the yoga exercises. The results will felt after first training. Please take with you short sports wear, not swimming wear. Additionally please take two towels with you: one for drying and another one for sitting and definetely do not forget drinking water!
  • Yoga in the sauna is pleasant and calm training, whic suits people in any age and any fitness level.
  • Yoga in the sauna strengthens and stretches the muscles, improves the spine’s mobility, concentration ability and quality of life and relieves stress.
    If you are not yet a member of the club, then you can register for the group training on phone 6412068.

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