House Rules

The fitness club is open daily from 6:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.

The spa with pools is open daily from 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.


All visitors have to purchase the club membership card.

The membership card is valid only for the card holder and within the period of time indicated on the card.

The membership fee is paid in advance for a certain training period in accordance with the current membership dues.

The paid membership fee gives the card holder the right to choose from the disciplines offered by the club during the period of time indicated on the card.

The paid membership fee is not refundable.

Weekend membership fees apply on public holidays.

In accordance with the board’s decision of February 1, 2006, training season tickets are not renewed.

To attend a group training session, it is required to register in advance.The club members have the right to participate only in the training sessions they have paid for.

Please keep the club’s premises clean and in order.

Please use a second pair of shoes at the club’s premises.

It is not allowed to attend the gym barefoot, in socks or with flip flops and with a naked upper body.

It is not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol at the club’s premises.

Make sure to leave your place of exercise in order both after finishing a training session at the gym and after a group training session.

It is required to use a towel during the training sessions.

At the boxing hall, it is not allowed to hit the boxing equipment with bare hands.

The fitness club is not responsible for any traumatic injuries suffered during the training sessions.

The fitness club is not responsible for the health status of the training session participant.

All club members have to pay a membership fee for every 30 days.

Athletes attending the training sessions who are not club members have to be able to provide an identity document.

In the absence of the club membership card, an administrative fee in the amount of 1 euro will be charged.

The club’s administration is not responsible for valuables and personal belongings left in the dressing rooms.

Club members and visitors get a wardrobe locker key for the time of training. Taking the key outside the club’s premises is punishable with a fine in the amount of 50 euro, or membership suspension.

Club members have the right to use the club’s parking lot for parking personal cars only for the time of training if there are free parking places available.

Upon violation of the parking rules and regulations, the club’s administration has the right to demand a contractual penalty (parking penalty).

Upon violation of the house rules, the club’s administration has the right to cancel the membership card.

The club has the right to change the club’s opening hours on certain special occasions.

Entering the water centre, a ticket must be purchased that is accompanied by an armband. The armband provides admission when entering and leaving the club.

All water centre visitors who have purchased the ticket thereby confirm that they have sufficient athletic abilities and skills as well as are in good health to use the services.

Adults accompanying children are responsible for their skills and good health.

Children under the age of 14 can attend the swimming pool only when accompanied by an adult (at least 18 years of age).

Before entering the swimming pool, be sure to wash thoroughly without a swimming suit.

All swimmers, including little children, are required to have a swimming suit. Wearing shorts and underwear is prohibited.

Swimmers with long hair have to use swimming caps or tie their hair into braids.

Children have to wear swimming caps attending swimming lessons.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact the administrator of the trainer present in the room.

You must move calmly around the water centre as running on the wet floor poses hazard to both your own health and the one of other visitors.

Moving around, follow signs and markings.

At the water centre, pay attention to training and group exercise sessions, do not swim in these pools. Be sure to swim on the right-hand side.

Before going to the sauna, be sure to take a shower.

Use a towel sitting down in the sauna.

Use only hot water to pour onto the heater. Pour water onto dry stones in a moderate way, considering the presence of other visitors.

You will be charged for the damaged inventory according to the price list of Reval Sport Fitness Centre or according to the real cost of the damaged object.

Wearing a wristband, cafeteria services can be used at the water centre. Visitors pay the amount spent at the checkout when leaving the water centre.

At the water centre, it is prohibited to:

run as the floor may be slippery when wet;


jump into the swimming pool as visitors may slip as a result.

The house rules of the fitness club were confirmed by the board protocol on December 20, 2000, and updated on November 22th, 2023.