The experience of the club member

Riina- How has sports club Reval-Sport changed your life?

My first contact with Reval Sport (unfortunately I do not remember how this house was called then) was in the 70s, when basketball training and competitions took place in this old ghost house. I remember this strange feeling like someone  was behind you, when I had to walk through the dark corridors to the gym to the dressing room alone.

Since the late 80s I have been a guest here, depending on the workload, I have taken part in trainings. I have always admired the location of Reval Sport, a positive atmosphere, competent coaches, and different opportunities of workouts.

If anyone asks: “How has Reval Sport changed my life?”, I would reply, that Reval Sport has become part of my every day life. Over the years, I have began to have some favorites: trainings, coaches, and girlfriends. I am also happy, because my daughter has found a way to the same sports club. When in the beginning I started trainings mainly due my back ache, then now I can call it an „addiction“. In good sense of course.

Renee`s impressions of the club

My name is Rene Jaanus and I’m a 21 year old young man. I have been a member of Reval for about six years, but I have been regularly training there for almost two years.


I always have been a sports fan, and tried many of diferent sports in my life, but now, finally, I have found the most suitable and most interesting sport – bodybuilding. At the very start, I joined Reval about six years ago for the karate trainigs, but then I also trained in Reval gym in the summer.


A few years ago, it began to work out again and already for more serious purposes – for better health and good looks, with better physical fitness. I started to go to the sports club Reval because it had good prices and a lot of different options for this price.The location is equally good for people in every district and the opening hours are always the same –  even during the holidays.


At first I went to the gym independently, but after some time my girlfriend invited me to take part in group exercises, which also changed my opinion, that they are mainly for women only. I began to try different group trainnings for almost 9 months. I tried seven different group trainings during this time. For my luck I became acquainted with many new people and got a lot of new experiences . I got a lot of courage and willing power from different coaches and trainers.Even being underweight I  managed to lose 3kg of body weight. As a result, I wanted to gain more strength and increase the body mass, so I began to concentrate more on the gym.


I went to dancing trainings BodyJam for about three quarters of a year, which was a good and fun aerobic exercise for me, and I went with great joy to every training session. I went to the gym for almost five months, and it must be said, that most of the people in Reval are very friendly and helpful. Now I have been at the gym for eleven months, and during that time, I’ve again become acquainted with a lot of new people and I’ve learned a lot more about this sport, which I have never had a clue about before. In Reval I also became acquainted with Ott Kiivikas, with whose team  I got involved half year ago. At this stage I am already grateful to know what I want to achieve and what kind of training is exactly suitable for me, and for the most part, I have been thankful to Reval and its motivating and supportive people.

I consider Reval for a second home for now. Additionally to receiving good physical fitness and health, I have got many new friends and a lot of courage from Reval. I don`t miss a day thinking or talking about Reval Sport.

Margit, who participated in the challenge programme, is sharing experience

For me, it’s a pleasure that, after the end of the program, weight has not risen: ¨Therefore, my lifestyle has become healthier and it’s only good. I started the program with 77.7 kg and reached 71.7 kg. I would definitely have had more downfall and achieved my goal if I followed the program 100%.

It was really hard to get used with eating in particular amounts, but this is definitely the reason which has become clearer for me now and helped me maintain weight. In the middle of the program, I got tired in trainings, and easily quitted workouts, but weekly weighings were just those things that helped to keep discipline. Otherwise the program would have no idea. I always wanted to see a smaller number on the scales.

Apart from the program, I am much more satisfied with myself and not so embarrassed by my appearance. I did not lose 10 kg as I wanted, however, I am still very proud of what has been achieved. I got confidence now. Independently, I`d never touched one tool at the gym.

I think that people involved in the program could be introduced to each other. It is an opportunity to share the experience and at the same time the support trainer can check the correctness of the exercises. This could happen in the first half of the program. Certainly, not everyone would take part, but for some participators it would be a good motivation: how I would not go to trainings if  others are there.

It was complicated to fit into the workout Diet Plan.

It would be more helpful if the 12 weeks nutrition plan with quantities was prepared for at least four week beforehand. For me it’s definitely important for the amounts given. There is difference between he apple and the Apple.I need punctuality and specific numbers. Or dishes were more detailed for training day mornings, lunches, evenings and the same for a workout-free day.

The condition for starting a program could be that you need to take at least 2 weeks of nutrition with you. The club’s website could have a brief description of what nutrition writing should be (times, quantities, how exactly measured etc?).

But your inquiry gave me motivation and I started re-writing the nutrition plan. I have now been rested, the weight has maintained and I will  take new challenge for the next 3 months. Aim is to lose 10kg again. Let’s see how much does it succeed =)

Surely I will step by in autumn to make an exercise test.

Olga`s feedback to the challenge programme

My own knowledge-based training was fruitless. Therefore, I decided to join the challenge programme to lose weight more effectively and improve my physical fitness. Participation in the program provided knowledge and confidence for further trainings.

I would like to congratulate and thank the coach Ülle, with whose encouragement and guidance, I found suitable exercises and loads for myself. And of course the nutrition tips that helped achieve the goal.

In the weekly meetings, the trainer provided some in-depth advice how to handle the entire challenge programme. It was also the time when you could express yourself and talk about how  exercise sessions fit, how you feel, whether to change things in your exercise plan and your diet or not. Regardless of the weekly outcome, the coach’s positive attitude was motivating over and over again.

I’m very satisfied. I encourage and recommend the challenge programme to everyone. It’s a start for those who have not managed to lose weight and get a better physical form.