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Body analysis

Allows you to measure your body's basic information.

Body analysis

Jawon ioi 353 body analyzer allows you to measure your body’s basic information (weight, length, metabolism, daily energy requirement, etc.) and specific parameters (muscle mass, fat%, biological age, etc.).

The results are 99% accurate and the result indicators are approved by the WHO (World Health Organization).


As a result of body analysis, you can find out:

  • The body’s biological age
  • The percentage of fat and the distribution of fat in your various parts of the body
  • Fat free weight
  • Basic food and daily recommended calorie
  • Guidelines for weight changes

Body analysis is done by your support coach.

The cost of one analysis is

First 30€
Second € 20.

What to know before measuring:

  • The last meal must be 3-4 hours before measuring
  • Do not consume coffee, energy drinks or other diuretic drinks / meals 4 hours before the measurement
  • Drink 2 glasses of water for about 2 hours before measuring
  • Avoid exercises, saunas or other excessive sweating activities at least 4 hours before the measurement
  • Avoid drinking alcohol at least 24 hours before the measurement

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