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Pole Dance

Pole dance is a completely new, catchy and funny change for aerobics and usual workouts. It will teach you to do various exercises and tricks on the pole, which requires strength, balance and coordination.

  • Duration
    55 minutes
  • Trainings
    7x week

Pole dance contains

  • Pole dance is suitable for both men and women, regardless of age and physical fitness. 

    The duration of the training is 55 minutes.

    Pole dance is a unique combination of dance and sports, choreography and acrobatics. Your dance partner s a pole. You can dance by twisting around the post or making acrobatic tricks on it.

    The trianing is for men and women, it requires strength, skills and rhythm.You can choose between three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

    Strength and aerobic exercises train the entire body. With pole-dance forms, your body will be enviably beautiful and flexible.

    Please pay attention:

    We recommend that you do not use creams, oils and body milk before training. If you lose attachment with a pole, it can lead to an injury.

    We recommend to wear short trousers and a short or sleeveless shirt. We train barefoot.

    Take a personal towel to dry your arms and to clean the pole after dance.

    Subscribe yourself and let`s meet already in the trainings.

    Training levels:

    Pole Dance / Beginners – For beginners

    Pole Dance I – Intermediate level

    Pole Dance II – For advanced

    Post-I / II is suitable for beginners and advanced.


    If you are not yet a member of the club, then you can register for the group trainings on phone 6412068. Timetable can be found HERE.