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Water aerobics

In the trainings of water aerobics, music is on and you will actively do the exercises in the pool. The exercises give you a good general physical strain and a great feeling. You can choose between different training plans.

  • Duration
    30, 45 minutes

Water aerobics contains

Water aerobics is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and physical fitness.

The trainings take place in a 25 meter pool, with a depth of 1.2-1.4 m.

According to the chosen training, the duration is 30-45 minutes;

Water resistance affects the body when moving in the pool. This makes the muscles getting the necessary training.

Water training is suitable for everyone, regardless of the fitness level. Due to its soft character, water aerobics suites for all elderly, overweight, pregnant women and also people with joint problems.

Water aerobics improves cardiac activity, reduces the body fat. In addition, the training helps to improve flexibility and coordination and gives you an excellent feeling.

You can choose between different raining plans:


45-minute effective workout, combining different water aerobics styles. Different tools are used. The training is extremely changeful, focusing on the muscle tone of the whole body.


45 minute workout. Effective muscle training with tools and stronger water resistance.

Simple exercises and a lot of repetitions are done to feel trainable muscles.

Special tools are used. These are attached to hands and feet to achieve stronger water resistance.

Work is carried out both aerobically and anaerobically, using different intervals and repetitions.


This is a 30 minute, full-body pilates and physiotherapy-based lesson.

Includes very smooth movements to achieve better control over the movements.

The training begins with simple warming up, step by step moving on to heavier functional exercises, which also use a variety of tools (such as noodles, swimming tables, etc.).

In AquaPilates everyone can regulate their own training pace, so it is suitable for beginners and advanced pilates enthusiasts.

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If you are not yet a member of the club, then you can register for the group training on phone 6412068. Timetable is found HERE.