Sports club is OPEN every day 6 AM to 11 PM and water center 6 AM to 10 PM.

Babies and toddlers swimming

In the pool of Reval-Sport take place swimming courses for babies and toddlers for different age groups. Trainings are held with parents. All 3 months to 4-year-olds are welcome to train.

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Babies and toddlers swimming contains

There`s always open Semper pool separately for babies, water temperature is 32 degrees and the depth is 1.1-1.20 m. Classes are carried through by joyful and experienced coaches Ruth Rauba ja Kristi Meikar. All trainings last 30 minutes.

Membership fee of  baby and toddlers swimming :

8x ticket* (valid 90 days)56€
2x in a week with a coachd (30-day monthly card)41€
1x ticket9€
1x ticket with valid membership package4€
Joining fee**7€

* With the  8x ticket one may visit the spa outside of training hours

** Joining fee is one time fee, which will be paid upon joining Reval-Sport club.

You have to book in advance for trainings. Booking can be made through e-system, by clicking the link below the page or via telephone  +372 641 2068.


Parking is free of charge during the trainings in Reval-Sport`s courtyard.

Babies and toddlers (3 months – 4 yrs) swimming with the parent

The water is the most natural environment for the baby. Swimming gives mobility, durability, and also refreshes babies. The newborn gets used to water a lot faster than a month’s old baby. Infant reflex to hold their breath remains until third-sixth-month.

The goal of baby swimming class is to teaches also parents to handle baby in the water. With a parent and under the guidance of the coach baby learns how to move on the water on back, how to dive, to jump over the water. We use tools as well (noodles). From 9 months of age we teach to move in the water independently using different equipment.

Toddlers (2-4 yrs.) swimming with a parent

Being in the water affects children mentally and physically, soothing and relaxing. Water trains, develops and refreshes the body of the child. Water trainings require constant muscular work. It improves posture, endurance, balance, and coordination. The child learns to control his body better

The goal of the class is  to increase the independance of toddlers in the water. The child learns how to float on the water surface,immerse, to climb out of the pool and jump into the water. We introduce a variety of tools and safe behavior in the pool.


Kristi Meikar

+372 58144621

Ruth Rauba

+372 513 2434